Monday, July 27, 2009

Best Investment EVER!!

So, we are finally married!! And we LOOOVE it! I'm working on getting our wedding pictures and our honeymoon pictures on here, but my job is so taxing it might take me a few days, maybe even weeks! :D If you weren't at the most amazing wedding of the year, you missed out! We rented an old photobooth, and it was the best thing EVER! It kept the kids busy, and everyone else entertained! We had so much fun in it! Our wedding kicked trash! It was the best day ever! Thank you all for coming! Enjoy!!

These are the women of my new family.. yeah they left me out ;)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Don't Judge Me! :D

You know those times when you hear something about your best friend and you're like "WHAT?! How did I not know this about you?!" And we all know that everyone has those little quirks that we all wish no one would EVER find out about... Well, here are some things that only Ammon knows about me, and when he finds these endearing things out about me... I swear it makes him wonder what kind of weirdo he married... :)
1) Not many things make me cry. The movie Charlie... not a tear shed. High School Musical... I cry like a baby. Are you laughing? Yeah, I don't know what's wrong with me either!! Oh... American Idol gets me almost every time, too. And I don't care who you are, that Zac Efron can sing his butt off!! And he can dance, too!

2) I don't really have a biggest fear... but those cans that crescent rolls come in, the ones that pop open when you pull the paper off of them scare the bejewels out of me!! Am
mon has to open them for me.. in fact - a avoid recipes that involve those hellish cans.

3) Oh, other than the those cans - debt scares the crapple out of me. I've never had a credit card and I cut up my debit cards after four months.

4) I used to be obsessed with taking pictures and have probably the most thorough collection of my high school life, but after that I, for some reason, became an anti picture activist.

5) My favorite color is green, but the only person who knows that is Ammon. Everyone else thinks it's red... haha my secret is out!!

6) Confessions of a shopaholi
c made me laugh harder than any movie I've seen in a loooong time. The part where she dances
.. oh my gosh could you love Isla Fisher anymore?!

7) My ultimate dream job is to be a mermaid. Yeah, I know it's unrealistic, but who wouldn't want a seashell bra and a fin?!

8) If I was an assassin, and I have one free kill, I would pop off Megan Fox. Heaven knows the world would be a better place without her AWFUL acting and half brain comments polluting entertainment. And for GOODNESS SAKE, woman, put some clothes on!!

9) There are some days where I sincerely wish I were right back in high school - if I could bring Ammon back in time with me and insure that he would love the high school me- I would totally go back.

10) I have an unhealthy obsession with shoes... the one thing that keeps me from buying every pair I lay eyes on is that I know I'm a shrimp and my jeans drag on the ground and I love jeans, too. So it's a losing battle, and getting married has totally dampered my shopping.... Don't judge me for just saying that :)

Do you feel like you know me better?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

One More Week...

I can't believe our wedding is only 7 - yes, count them!- seven days away! We're already starting to get wedding presents, which is kind of weird, but I'm not complaining!! I'm having my 4th -yes, fourth- bridal shower today! This time next week we'll be getting ready to go to the temple! It's so crazy! It went by incredibly fast! So, the moral is, next week is going to be really fun! I go through the Temple on tuesday :) and I'll be honest with you, I'm more nervous for that than the actual sealing! So, once that's over it's smooth sailing for me :D

Saturday, July 4, 2009

2 Weeks! Oh My Gosh!!!

Okay people... we are officially two weeks away from our wedding?! Did it go by freakishly fast for anyone else? Seriously, where did June go? Freak, where did May go?! Anyways! I'm excited, Ammon's excited, I'm sure you're all excited!! It's about time, right?! I hope you've all cleared your schedule for me and my future husband - we want to see EVERYONE we've ever known on July 18 :) AHH TWO MORE WEEKS!!! YAY!