Sunday, November 29, 2009

Black Friday

So, this year Ammon and I decided to carry on one of my all time favorite Christmas traditions... Black Friday! Chase and I do it every year and it's always sooo much fun!! This year we got up at 2:30 am to go wait in line at Target. When we got there we were about 50th in line. About 20 minutes later the line was backed up all the way to Lowe's!! The target peeps hand out maps of where everything is located in the store, so Ammon, Chase, and I strategized while we froze our booties off!! I always take Chase with me, because he's so big - no one ever tried to steal the stuff out of his cart (big, burly men ALWAYS try to steal stuff from me - last year, some dude tried to steal my entire cart!!). Once we got through the doors, we were bookin it to every corner of the store! 35 minutes and $700 later we emerged with all our Christmas shopping done! The coolest part is on our receipt, it showed us how much we saved! We saved over $500!! We got a new TV, and new ipod touch, about 10 movies, 5 tv seasons, a toaster and a sandwhich grill!! Ammon caught the Black Friday fever and we literally store hopped all day - needless to say, we crashed and slept through the night at about 7:45 pm :).

The line..... It's not a very good picture, but this is about a half hour before the store opened... by 5 am the line was all the way to the end of the sidewalk!!
Us.... FREEZING!!!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

did you know?!

Utah is ranked the happiest state in America?! In second.. Hawaii.. yeah I'd be much happier in Hawaii than Utah where it snows in the north and burns in the south!!

Utah is also the second healthiest state in America... second only to Vermont.. odd, but true. I thought it was funny that South Carolina was ranked the 48th most unhealthy state and sports the 2nd highest obesity rate. Ammon gained like 20 pounds on his mission... all those fried Twinkies.

So, YAY UTAH! I love it here :) it makes me happy!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

We Are Selling Our Jetta! Buy It!!!

Hello all!! Ammon and I are selling our baby!! We love our Jetta soooo much, but it's time for us to say goodbye.... So, if you know of anyone who needs an amazing car, direct them right over here!!!

2001 Jetta TDI
45 MPG (Ammon tracks this meticulously - he can show you it's for real!!)
Silver exterior
Black interior
Manual Transmission
just about 130,000 miles (it sounds like a lot... but it's been the best car I've ever had!!)
Ammon, being the master mechanic he is, has replaced pretty much everything in it, so all the parts and extras are pretty new.

this would be perfect for a newly licensed driver!! Or a mom with 5 grown kids who doesn't need her big Yukon anymore and wants to save hundred of dollars on gas (hint hint!!).
Plus, most of the time diesel fuel is 10-15 cents cheaper than normal unleaded fuel, and it's better for the environment - look it up I'm telling the truth!!

I'll post pictures later today or tomorrow, but think about it!! It's a great car!! We're open to test drivers anytime :)
Let us know if you're interested!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

You can Win!!

Enter this contest! It's almost Christmas time and who doesn't want free pictures for a card?!

Good luck!!