Thursday, February 25, 2010

Chase's Mission Call!!!

Today my little bro (k - let's face the facts... he's almost a whole foot taller than me!) received his mission call! It makes me feel so old! We're only 3 1/2 years apart - but knowing that my little Chasers is actually serving a mission! It's so crazy! I think about Ammon and how we got married 9 months after he got home from his... it scares me to death that when Chase gets home, he'll be marrying age! What the Heck?! Okay to the good stuff! He is going to be serving the good people of Seoul South Korea!!!! Oh, man! I started crying right when he pulled it out and started reading. Then hearing his cute little voice break when he said "South Korea Seoul Mission" - it was unreal. We're so exciting for him! I'm so proud of him for making the best decision of his entire life! He is the most amazing kid ever! I'm so sad he's leaving because he really is my best friend. He knows me better than almost anyone (exclude Mom and Ammon!). There will be a Chase sized hole for two years :) But, I've made him a deal that if we have a baby while he's gone - I'll name it after him - boy or girl! So, if we name our first daughter Chase jr, you now know why ;) I love you Chase and I'm so proud of you!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I will teach you my ways!

I've had a LOOOT of people ask me how I make my blog so awesome :D Well, friends, I will tell you!! The most common tid bit I get asked for is my custom fonts. Let me warn you - this is a chore and a half, but worth it if you're a blog buff like me :D I'm not going to pretend that I am a computer wiz and did this on my own! My very nifty friend Amanda (who is the queen bee of blogging) has the most amazing tutorials about blogging and web design you will EVER see! She is very easy to follow and pretty much rocks my world! She also has some of the cutest fonts around :D

Well, my secret is out! Enjoy and let me know how your blogs turn out!

Here is the link :D

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Well there you go!!

I stumbled across this article on MSN and it made me laugh so hard! Not because it's funny, but because it pretty much described me to a T!!

5 Surprising Signs You're Sleep Deprived

1. You're flummoxed by even simple decisions
2. You've been eating all day, and you're still hungry!
3. You keep coming down with colds
4. The ballads on American Idol move you to tears
5. You've become a klutz

hmmm um Yes to all of the above!! I've had some pretty gnarly sleep disorders in my life - insomnia being one of them. Poor Ammon - he gets woken up at 3 am to talk about flowers and future baby names and the top 20 places I want to go before I die JUST because I can't sleep :) So, yeah I'm gonna say I'm pretty sleep deprived!! But, especially since we've been married I can't make up my mind about anything! Movies, food, shirts, shoes! I'm totally wishy washy on EVERYTHING - it drives Ammon (and everyone else) totally CRAZY :D I'd probably eat all day if I wasn't sleepy anyways, but this is a good explanation for the extra marriage pounds we've both put on ;). I NEVER get sick - so that doesn't really count. K - number 4 freaked me out! American Idol makes me cry EVERY time we watch it. So does Hannah Montana, High school musical, Smallville, Grey's anatomy, Avatar (the cartoon!), most documentaries on the History channel and any sad song on the radio. I'm a total mess! What the heck!? I used to be a stone wall! I didn't have a heart - now I cry when the Dear John Preview commercial comes on. What the freak?!?! I'm pretty sure I've grown two left feet, two right hands, and I hit every sharp corner within a 10 foot radius.

Sleep deprived? I think so!!!!

(the article did have some good ways to catch up on sleep - but waking up at 5 am to jog and breathe the fresh air just isn't going to happen!)