Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I need some advice

I REALLY want a new, really nice camera, but I swear there are like 40 billion types of cameras out there to choose from - and while I've researched a few of them, there's nothing like getting someone's opinion who actually owns and operates one.  So, those of you that have a nice camera - help me!! Here's the ones I've been looking into:

Canon Rebel XS

I'm not sure if I want an SLR camera. Apparently, the lens it comes with is just absolute rubbish and you have to invest another $700+ to get a decent lens... but it's just so cool! ;) I made Ammon stand at various locations around Bestbuy on Saturday so I could zoom in on him and see how well the pictures looked, and aside from attracting some very weird looks, the pictures were awesome! I'm in love :) but, seeing as I don't plan on becoming a professional photographer anytime soon - do I really need all the bells and whistles? 

Canon G11

This camera, I've heard, is the Rebel for beginners.  I couldn't find one to try out at any of the stores around town, but it looks right up my ally - and I think this is the camera I'm leaning towards.  I've been hard pressed to find someone I know who actually owns one of these - so if you do - PLEASE give me your opinion!

Olympus 14.3 MD

haha I've never really heard anything about Olympus cameras before, but the charming guy at Bestbuy said that this camera comes with 2 lenses so I could do the cool "oh, let me change me lens" thing that photographers do :) and it's by far the most affordable camera of all the ones I've looked at (it's only $50 more than the Canon G11).  But, I can't seem to find anyone that actually uses this camera :)

So, those are the cameras I've been looking into.  What do you think??

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bye Bye Elder Frei

I still have a hard time believing that my little brother is at the MTC, and will be in Korea soon!! I feel honored to have watched him grow into such an outstanding man.  He's been more of an example to me than I have been to him in our lives.  He has such a sweet spirit and genuine-ness about him - he definitely was called by God to serve in such a demanding mission.  I have no doubt in my mind that he'll be able to reach the people of South Korea with the gifts our Savior has given him. I love my brother so much and I'll miss him while he's gone :)  But I figure it's good practice that I have four younger brothers - because, knowing my luck, I'll have 10 children, all boys, and I'll need to be toughened up before I send my own kids out into this crazy world.  Mom, I don't know how you do it... And I was floored by the Spirit at the MTC.  At that moment I don't think I was crying because Chase was leaving, but because he was surrounded by missionaries and he blended in perfectly.  The Spirit is so strong there.  I won't say that I can't wait to go back - because that means we'll be saying goodbye to Zack - but it's an amazing place.

I'll miss that guy!!! We all cried at this tree :) haha there were 500+ missionaries (the most in history, says Chase) who reported that day, so we had to find a different place to say our goodbyes

Anyways! Good luck, brother.  I'll miss you and I love you so much, more than words can say.