Sunday, July 18, 2010

One Year of the Bradshaws

So, we've officially been married one year!  It feels like much longer, but it's gone by way too fast - if that made any sense :) ?  So maybe I'm a little weird for counting some of these things... but I'm glad I did!! Needless to say, our first year of marriage was beyond awesome - sometimes I get worried that one day we'll stop feeling like lovestruck teenagers (because too many people - in my opinion- have assured me that that day will come eventually) - but I'm going to work triple time to make sure that doesn't happen, so at our 50th anniversary I can proudly say that I'm still head over heels for the shy, modest, humble, kind, amazing, thoughtful, handsome man that I married all those years ago. I know he won't read this - but I love you, Ammon! :D Anyways!! Here's some of the finer points of our first year of marriage:

364 nights together
1 night apart
2 week long tropical vacations
13 trips to the cabin
14 trips to the lake
6 bottles of Draino (surprised? I have a lot of hair!)
7 job changes
1 dead body
3 photoshoots
3 flat tires
12 friend weddings
5 babies born
1 brother serving a mission :(
3 bottles of tylenol PM
11 broken glass cup we got for our wedding
5 vehicle changes
8 really late wedding gifts (no complaining here!)
2 nights slept in a car
2 bouquets of flowers :)
38 bottles of Teddy's Orange and Cream soda (it's Ammon's favorite)
6 new XBOX games
3 kidney stones

Our wedding cake did not hold up well :) it's still pretty to look at, but there was like freezer frost all over it and when it melted, it made the frosting all smushy and the cake all watery.  Yum ;) It's still pretty though! I can't image how long it took Heidi ( to ice and pipe the whole thing - bless her heart!