Monday, August 30, 2010

Going Private

it's true, friends, we're going private!  So, leave a comment with your email address if you want to keep reading about our pretty normal, boring lives :)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Ammon!!

Ammon's birthday was August 22, but he - most of the men in our family - we're hunting all that weekend, so we celebrated on the 19 so everyone could be there :)

water slide for the kiddos

Hunter - our super awesome cook for the night

The birthday boy - his wicked cool hate - and some of the Bradshaw Fam :D

el cake
Happy Birthday Slam :)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Something Corporate!

I had the most fun girls weekend ever!! I went to see Something Corporate, one of my favorite bands of all time, with Kacee Payne and Karli Randall, two of my favorite people!!  We had so much fun - I serioulsy don't think I've laughed so hard - ever!  The concert was awesome - all the people were older, not 14 year old girls like most concert in Utah :D  Hopefully we'll have many more girl weekends in the future!

they are beautiful... they got hit on by like very male we encountered ;) and don't mind our sweaty-ness... it was like 120 degrees inside the venue... super fun

Dear Andrew McMahon... you're amazing.


The crowd was SOOO much fun!! We were standing in the back - away from all the crazies - so we had the perfect view of everything going on. A girl standing next to us starting crying like a baby when they came on stage... it was hilarious!!! We had so much fun- thanks girls for an awesome weekend!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My New Website :D

I started doing photography with my super awesome camera & lens I got for my birthday (thanks mom!).  Check out my new blog here :

Friday, August 6, 2010

23! Ugh!

For my birthday, my cousin Mitch got married! So, most - almost all - of my family was out of town.  But, Ammon and I had a pretty good day! We went to see Step up 3D, lounged by the pool, and hung out all day.  A pretty good day in my book :D I hate that we're getting older.... In my head, we're all stuck at a certain age... like I'll always think of Chase in his 14 year old form.... and in my head, I'll always be my 19 year old self :) My mom spoiled me to death this year... I want to start photography and I bought a new camera recently - so she got me a new lens!! I was giddy for like 20 minutes after I opened it.  And I had a birthday card from Chase waiting for me... he's the best brother ever! So--- all in all, pretty darn good birthday if you ask me!  Ammon's birthday is on the 22nd, and it's so fun to share our birthday month!!  I'm throwing him a big birthday party soon... so check back for pictures!
ahhh! (chorus of angles!) I'm in love :D
birthday card from Chase... at first glance, kinda weird... :D wait til you see the inside.

I love this guy.  Can the next 2 years go in hyperdrive?? Yes, please!!