Monday, September 6, 2010

Kolob - Ka Chow!! (picture overkill for sure!)

For Labor Day, we went to our Family cabin in Kolob.  It's perfect up there - cool, no cell phone reception, relaxing :) Couldn't ask for a better weekend... here's what we did:

Haden: he's just cute!
LOTS of fourwheeler rides
can you see them?? that camo really works!!
Zack on the 50 :)
hahah in his element!
the Res - perfection :)
the Yamas
Mexican Train - our fam's favorite game :)
plotting away!
he always somehow got the best hands... hmmmm. He beat Everyone by 60 points... smell a rat?? i think so!
calling dad on his sneaky ways!
LOTS of horseshoes!
Hunter's ringer & leaner!
hiking.... this was their "backstreet boys" pose :)
Such a fun weekend :) summer's in Kolob are the best.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

God Bless America!

I love America! Ammon and I watched this movie about North Korea today - and it makes me love this land so much.

It's a crazy look into communism.  They absolutely HATE America.  I never knew that.  It makes me miss Chase, and it makes me scared for him - being that close to North Korea... I know the Lord is watching over him, though.  Anyways! This documentary is nuts, and makes one really appreciate how good we have it in the USA.