Saturday, October 23, 2010

Our New Apartment - part 1

Here's what has been going on lately! Ammon got a new job!! In Page, AZ.... yeah it sucks!! I miss him so much when he is gone - I really took for granted all the time we got to spend together before!  He's there 4 days a week - sometimes more, never less.  So, we decided to move to Page!  We were apartment hunting and couldn't find ANYTHING - and I mean nothing!!! We did find one place (2 bedroom, one bath, no garage, no yard - in the ghetto) for $950 a month! We were both like uhhhh I guess we'll think about it and pray and try back later?  Rent and the cost of living out there is unbelievable!  We thought about it, and prayed quite a bit about it - and decided that we would stay in St. George, and Ammon would commute (2 of his brothers work at the same place, and that's what they do).  Since I would be home alone a lot, my parents offered their apartment to us! It's above the game room - away from the main house, so it is perfect for us! I won't be so alone in our less than friendly part of town, and our bills will be a lot lower :) win win!!  The only thing was that it wasn't finished yet! So - Ammon and I have been working the past few weeks to get it into living shape (and when I say Ammon and I - what I really mean is Ammon). I'm glad I thought to take before pictures - because the transformation really was awesome!!  Here's what the apartment looked like a few weeks ago:

living room!

kitchen ;) haha you don't believe me, huh?!



this is the entry way  - I took this mainly to show the floor :)
 My parents have been using it as storage space and a second office, so there was stuff everywhere! They were nice enough to find new homes for everything so we can live there :D My parents really are the best in the whole wide world!!

Stay tuned for the after shots!! The whole apartment should be finished later today! :D