Thursday, December 30, 2010


I started doing photography this year and I LOVE it!! I just had a photoshoot with some of my dancer friends and it was so much fun! I've been so grateful for all that I've learned this year! It is such a fun job and it lets me be with Ammon the entire time he's here!  So! Keep me in mind for your kiddos and family pictures ;) But, really. Check these girls out - I'm so jealous of them :D

Thursday, December 23, 2010

mmm delicious!!

Every year Ammon's family has Christmas on the 23rd :) It's so nice to be able to be with everyone - no one being at their in laws.  It's quickly becoming a tradition that for every Bradshaw get together I bring my nacho dip - it's Ammon's all time favorite! Sometimes he'll ask to me to make it for dinner :) haha when you see the recipe you'll understand why I don't :) So! Here is the most amazing nacho dip that will have all your friends and family dying for more :) I only make it for special occasions so I figure while I'm making it today, I'd snap some pictures and share with all my little nacho secret :D

For my sister in laws and some friends I made recipe cards of the dishes that I get asked about the most - so here are a few!! They are all on Ammon's favorite foods list :D Merry Christmas!!

* excuse all the typos haha :D - and I wish I was that cute, but the cards are courtesy of Shabby Princess

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Our New Apartment - Part Deux

We're all moved in!! It's sooo nice to be back in Santa Clara.  I was a little apprehensive about moving in with the parentals, but it's been the best!  I'm going to brag and say that my husband is the greatest ever.  I can't wait til we can build a house together, because he is so talented! And I hate to say it, but he has better taste than I do ;)  I was too lazy to get out a real camera to snap these pictures, so they're off my phone and also too lazy to clean up :) But you'll get the general idea! So - here's our almost finished apartment! We love it! You'll have to excuse our sad Christmas tree - I don't really care for Christmas - in face I think we could totally do with out it.  Ammon LOVES it.  hahaha so I tried my darndest to "decorate".  I just don't care ;) haha. I think I prove that point by how messy our apartment is ;)
kitchen sink!

our kitchen cabinets - they're a gray-blue with a copper glaze :) This picture doesn't do them justice!

kitchen - still a mess, but we're working on it

entry way. eventually we'll cover the cubby holes

desk we stole from my parents :)

living room - and Halo on the tv ;)

bathroom shower

bathroom - my favorite part of the house :) I love the black tile!

closet that Ammon framed out himself ;) he's so awesome!

I FINALLY got a new computer!! *ahhh chorus of angles!**editing pictures on this screen is like a dream!!
I'm in love!!

this was my old dinosaur! I don't know how I survived ;) And our hardwood floor - it's so pretty :D