Monday, May 2, 2011

YAY!!!! There's no other words!!

The day has FINALLY come!!!! We bough a house (almost - we're still waiting to close)!!!! If you can't tell by all the exclamation points we are so incredibly excited!! We've been looking for a house for almost a year.  Something we could remodel and fix up, but still live in for a while.  Our criteria was pretty specific and our price range was preeety small... but our awesome Realtor, KayDee Smith, rose to the occasion and we FINALLY found the most perfect house ever for the Bradshaw fam :D It's everything we wanted!  Popcorn ceilings, pea green carpet, wall paper, a very pungent smoker scent lingering around - our dream house ;)  We seriously can't wait to start ripping things up and out and making this cute little house our home :)  And you will all be invited to the house warming party - but only if you bring us a present ;) just kidding :D  We wanted to keep a record or everything we're doing to our house - so we started a separate blog :) you can see all things house at :) YAY!!