Tuesday, August 16, 2011

peace out first trimester

I went to the Doctor today! Hooray! I've been counting down to this doctor appointment because it means I'm in my second trimester :D I've been pretty lucky - only a few days of morning sickness, and my food aversions are easing up a little bit.  I've heard this is the best 3 months of pregnancy, so I'm hoping all the things that make me feel uncomfortable will go away for a while!  I've lost 23 pounds in my first three months.  But I heard the heartbeat on the Doppler (no ultrasound today :( ), and Dr. Ott says that is good thing - hearing the heartbeat on the Doppler means our baby is fully formed!!  So, I can quit having nightmares about miscarriages, please ;) I don't think it will be real to me until I know if it's a boy or a girl.  I still have a hard time believing there's an actual baby human in there.  I don't look any different since before I got pregnant (thanks to the gut I've been sporting for the past year ;D).

Dr. Ott is the BEST doctor ever.  I highly recommend and I wish I would have found him years ago.  He explains things so well to Ammon and me. I sneeze ALL the time.  I've never had allergies before - so I hardly ever sneeze.  Now I sneeze like 8 times an hour if not more and it HURTS!  My stomach gets all tight and painful.  It's a good time.  Dr. Ott says I have "the Progesterone Plague" - he seriously is the best, I love that guy!  That means every Awesome prego symptom caused my progesterone, this girl's had it :)  My boobs have tripled - yeah I said TRIPLED - in size in the last month, which have already given me some real cute stretch marks :) I have indigestion,  I burp all the time - it's real cute, headaches, nausea - I'm pretty much a pepto bismal commercial.  BUT - hopefully that will all ease up in the next few weeks and I can feel a little bit normal.  So, that's what's going on!!  He told me I won't be able to find out the gender until I'm 20 weeks - which bummed me out. but oh well!  I can't wait - we have a pretty good guessing game going on facebook, and apparently we're having a boy based on popular opinion.  So go cast your vote!  My dad told me he would be $100 that I'm having a girl... we'll see dad!  And you'll be forking up 100 big ones to this gal right here :D

Sunday, August 14, 2011

El Birthday Del Partay!

Ammon and I have both of our birthday's in August (mine the 6th, Ammon's the 22nd). So, after our first year of trying to fit in two celebrations within 2 weeks (we're not really party people, so that was a little too much for us!). Plus, the deer hunt is in August - when the world stops and birthdays don't matter - so combining our birthdays is the best way to get the fam together and have some fun :D This year, we decided to do floats - since it's been so hot! I didn't realize how much I like planning parties - I'm not that good at it, but it was a fun change! 

Ammon & I aren't the only ones in our family :) so I baked some extra cakes and put all of our names on them :) Blair and Nicole have birthday's close together, my sister-in-law Alise has one and so does our niece Laney.   It was fun to share a small part of our party with all of them :D

 this was fun! It took me FOREVER to pull this out of this air :) but it was a big hit!