Thursday, November 10, 2011

6 months!

Our checkup this month was uneventful :) The weighed, I peed, they measured.  Hasta la vista baby!  I love my doctor's office for that reason!  When I show up 10 minutes early for an appointment, I usually am out the door before my appointment should officially start.  Anyways!! Here's some stuff about my pregnancy:  I still get sick... really. Let's move on, baby.  I get headaches now.  I got a really bad cold/cough right when my muscles started spreading - so with the coughing and spreading combination - my abs were killing me!!  So bad Ammon had to help me get out of bed like 4 days in a row - it made me feel super cool ;)  Our little guy kicks like there is no tomorrow!  He kicks so hard that if I have a blanket over my tummy - the blanket will pop up and float back down :) it's so much fun to see! Next time I get to take that lovely glucose test!  But I get to have an ultrasound so I'll take it! The house is coming along and we're hoping to be in before or just behind Christmas :D  We're so excited!!  Not much is going on :) we're just waiting.... waiting for the house, the baby, everything :)  We're both busier than usual - Ammon with work and the house and me with photography.  It's making the time FLY by!  I can't believe I only have 15 weeks left!  It's exciting!! Until next time, friends!