Sunday, January 29, 2012

36 weeks - just kidding. 35 weeks

**UPDATE** My due date has been wrong!! I'm actually due March 3 :) haha go figure, right?! **

The last month feels like it's gone by the slowest of my whole pregnancy.  I think because I've been to the doctor 10 times in the past 4.5 weeks :)  It's a pain in the rear and the appointments are long and super boring, but it's worth it to know baby is 100% perfect and I'm doing okay, too.  The upside is I get TONS of ultrasounds - one a week! So I see our baby so much and I love it!  He's getting so big - it's crazy to think he fits inside of my belly

My blood pressure is doing okay... it's still not where it should be, but it's not affecting the baby at all - so they're just watch me :)  My sonographer did tell me that I have a stage 2 placenta.  From what I gathered, that means my placenta is more prepared for labor and delivery than the rest of my body it.  It's starting to calcify and shut down.  She says it's no big deal - lots of women do that - but the more calcifications my placenta acquires, the less it does it's job of nourishing our baby.  So, it's lucky I'm having him early :)

My doctor said he will for sure induce me sometime in the next few weeks.  I didn't think I had a shot in hell of reaching my due date, but it's only 4 weeks away... so there might be hope! I'm crossing my fingers he comes earlier than later.  I'm so uncomfortable already!  I snapped a few pictures with my high tech camera of my belly so I could see what it really looks like.... oh. my. gosh.  In one shot - I can see my floating ribs fanning out.  I'm always sore in the rib cage.  One morning my xyphoid process was sticking almost straight up! It didn't hurt until the next day when I felt like a sneaky ninja had karate chopped me in the sternum :)

I still haven't had an internal exam, so I don't know if I'm dilating or effacing, but from my ultrasounds, they say my cervix isn't even to a 1 yet - even though every time I move or shift positions it feels like someone has repeatedly kicked me in the crotch :) hmm short girl problems ;)

I go in tomorrow for another NST and I'm going to try to squeeze some info out of my doctor about a date.... a possible date he might induce me! I know he always induces his patients on Mondays - creepy that I know his whole life schedule, huh? - so I'm crossing my fingers it will be a week from tomorrow!!

Other good news... we're almost ready to move into our house!! FINALLY!!!  If all goes according to mine and Ammon's plan (which it almost never does), we should be able to start moving stuff in this weekend!! So, cross your fingers for us!

Anyways! I have more ultrasound pictures, but they all look about the same these days - so I'll put them on eventually :)  Hopefully I'll have more good news within the next week and then very soon have real life pictures of our baby!! It's so exciting :D

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

32 weeks

Oh man.  I swear I am having a Murphy's Law pregnancy.  Everything that could go wrong - probably will go wrong with me!  haha :) I went in for my 32 week check up on Tuesday the 3rd - oh the holidays were great.  I used to always have a camera glued to my hand, but I just don't feel like it anymore :) haha! So, not one single holiday picture for us.  Woops! I'm failing miserably at my job.  Anyways - I went in on Tuesday and did the usual.  I get growth scans of little baby every months because Ammon is a giant and I am a midget with an "unusually small torso", so they make sure he has enough amniotic fluid to squirm around in (and does he ever squirm!).  This ultrasound was so funny - his head was down and snuggled into my right hip and his foot was ALL the way up between my boobs.  YEAH! I just said that!!  My sonographer was laughing so hard.  She asked me if I get rib tickling - which by the way, does NOT tickle.  I can feel him pushing on my bones almost all of the time :) He's not unusually long or fat, I'm just unusually small :) From my bra strap down, I have about 1.5 inches where they can't feel my uterus, and I'm measuring right on - haha it's funny to see all of their faces when they realize just how small my torso is :)  Seriously - all belly!

ANYWAYS! moving on.  They took my blood pressure and it was 170/105.  If you don't know, you're blood pressure is supposed to be 120/80.  So we were all a little worried.  They ultrasounded me again and checked the umbilical cord so make sure it was perfectly fine, and she snapped this picture

Gosh he's cute :) his profile looks exactly like Ammon when he was born. AND I could see his hair.  He has so much of it!  It was insane to see so much, and it was obviously hair - Bobbi didn't even have to point it out to me!  We're going to have an ape ;)

So, I had to take a non-stress test.  They monitored my blood pressure and babies heart rate.  Once I was laying down in the chair all hooked up, my BP started to go down.  By the end of my NST, my blood pressure was 135/90.  They had sent off some blood work earlier in my appointment and they told me that everything looked perfectly fine.  Me and my numbers were perfect, and the baby was perfect.  I just had an alarming blood pressure.  They put me on some medicine and bed rest for 24 hours.

I went back today (the 4th) and had another ultrasound to measure the fluid and check the cord - everything was a-ok.  Then I had to take another NST and the baby's heart rate was perfectly normal.  My blood pressure was also at 130/90 - so the medicine is working :) even thought I feel light headed 93% of the time, I'll take it!  We're still waiting to hear back on some more lab work to see if they can figure out why my blood pressure was almost high enough for me to be hospitalized.

I'm starting to stress a wee bit!!  If my BP doesn't go down - I'll be put on full time bed rest (which might kill me - it was the LONGEST day of my life yesterday) first, then I'll be hospitalized until I deliver.  If there is any stress to the baby, Dr. Ott will induce me and there will be a new Bradshaw in the world :)

We're definitely not going to make it into the house before baby gets here.  So, we're starting to set up our teeny apartment for another resident.   So! Hopefully I last another 2 weeks so I can have a baby shower - because as of right now, baby Bradshaw has 7 outfits, 2 bottles of lotion and a carseat ;) we're totally not prepared!  I have the mentality that if I procrastinate it long enough, it will take longer to get here?  Yeah, that's not happening with this little guy!  I can't believe we can even talk about labor and delivery.  It feels WAY too soon for that.  I'm supposed to keep him in for another 2 months!!  If worst comes to worse... I'll be a mom in 2 weeks.  Good thing I'm not working and pretty much don't have a life - because I fully intend on lowing my blood pressure with mind power!

I'll keep you all posted on our little guy :) I have to go to the doctor twice a week until I deliver - and I'll have an ultrasound every thursday... so hopefully that means I'll have lots of pictures to share!