Monday, February 27, 2012

Mondays with Cruz - two weeks old

It's crazy how fast a week goes by!! All of a sudden it's Monday again - time to take pictures - and I haven't done anything in the past seven days except love on my little angel baby :)  I'm okay with that!  Here is by precious boy at two weeks. I could just eat him up :)

he has the perma-scowl like his uncle Haden did as a baby :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mondays with Cruz - 1 week old

wow that week went by fast!! Cruz is the best baby. Ever. I don't know how his future siblings will live up to him :) He is still so tiny!! Every baby I see looks like a giant in comparison.  He is a great sleeper and eater. He LOVES his grandma Lisa.  I don't think she's ever heard him cry - he cuddles right up to her and they have great naps together :) He wakes up 2 or 3 times a night and goes right back to sleep.  He's making me think that some moms make up horror stories about their babies ;) but then I remember Haden as a baby and know that's not true! I lucked out big time with this little angel.  Ammon has to go back to work on Friday - and I'm so sad :( I wish he could stay home all day with us forever and somehow our bills would still get paid - if anyone knows how to make that happen I'm all ears!! As of right now - Ammon and I are taking everyone's advice and soaking up Cruz's awesomeness.  We stare at his little angel face all day long and cuddle him every chance we get.  I think the only time he is put down is at night - and even then when I can't sleep I sneak in and pick him up and rock him :)  People weren't joking when they said it's a love like no other.

he makes the funniest little faces :) this is Ammon's favorite 

every time he smiles in his sleep I can't help but think he's dreaming about heaven :) 

another stink face :)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Monday's with Cruz

I'm a full time photographer - and am the WORST at documenting my own life.  I think Ammon and I maybe have 20 pictures together since our wedding.  Not good.  Anyways!  When Cruz was 2 days old - I got out my camera and snapped a few pictures of his little angel face :) Then, thanks to pinterest, I decided I would do it every monday for the first year of his life - we'll see how long this resolution lasts ;) Anyways!! Here is my first Monday with Cruz (2 days old)

p.s. I didn't put ;lipstick on him :) indoor lighting isn't my specialty haha ;)

I know I'm biased, but my gosh he is absolute perfection!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

welcome to the world, Cruz Ammon Bradshaw

This is the WHOLE baby story :) So buckle up - it's a long ride!

Monday Jan. 30
   I went to the doctor today for an NST, like usual.  I had to do another 24 hour urine test (those are such a joy.... kill me now), and I had taken it in to the lab earlier that morning and gotten some blood drawn.  My first test a few weeks ago came back normal, but this one did not :(  My blood pressure isn't going down with the help of the medication they have put me on.  I had my first internal exam today, as well - I'm dilated to a 2 already!  OH! my due date is a week off... so I'm really due March 3.  Anyways - Dr. Ott and I had a chat and he told me within 10 days I would be having the baby.  Pause for a mini panic attack!! I have preeclampsia.  The baby is doing awesome - he's not being affected at all, but I will continue to get progressively worse the longer he's in there.  So, 10 days to let him have a little more time on the inside.

Tuesday Jan. 31
   I forgot to mention that Dr. Ott quadrupled my blood pressure medication dose.  I feel like a very slow moving, sticky creature.  Like a slug or caterpillar :)  My insomnia is SOOO bad.  I slept all of 2 hours last night and had a nap around 3 today.  I'm so exhausted and feel icky.  At least I know I've only got 9 days left ;)  I wish I could give him a little more time on the inside to grow - but secretly I'm doing cartwheels to not be pregnant

can't you tell? That's my happy face ;)  My hands and feet are starting to swell at an alarming rate.  Even my wrists and forearms and ankles are puffing up.  My face is, too.  And I'm pretty sure my nose is getting wider.  I didn't realize that I would start to see symptoms this quickly, but BAM.  What's up preeclampsia - just make yourself at home :)  Oh, and I've given up on hair and make-up.  Just standing up for that long makes me feel woozy.

Thursday Feb. 2
   Ammon and I went to the Dr. today and he told us for sure I am getting induced on the 9th.  It's weird knowing exactly when I'm going in to have the baby :) It's definitely nice, though.  I can be all showered and pretty and packed to go - not too much stress, hopefully.  Upping my BP meds are definitely helping.  My blood pressure was between 116/80 and 128/84 the whole NST today - so that's good!!  Our baby is a wiggler! He's already out of womb, but moves like crazy! They said that is kind of unusual - he'll have lots of energy.  Which makes me happy and depressed at the same time ;)  Maybe he'll get me into shape after he's born!  He weights about 5 pounds 9 ounces right now.  So, hopefully he'll put on another pound during this next week.  I'm going to try really hard to eat a lot! I haven't been the best with eating like I should - mainly because I've had a foot in my stomach for the past 3 months.  I'm still in the red for weight gain - and just between us, I'm not that sad about it! I'm going to be about 20 pounds lighter than I was when I first got pregnant... not mad about that at all :)
    So, in one week I'll be headed in to get induced! I'm a little nervous, but very excited :D  OH!!!  During our ultrasound/growth scan - our sonographer was measuring his leg bones, and she and our medical assistant were laughing.  It took me a second to realize why is was so funny.  Then I noticed where the wand was on my tummy... haha it was pushed up under my ribcage.  His leg was bent in half, and SQUEEZED between my ribs and lung.  They asked me if it hurt to breathe, which it does sometimes, but not right at that second.  They asked if my ribs were ever crazy sore - and I told them it took me about 3 weeks to figure out where these random side and tummy aches were coming from - they're like nothing I can explain.  they hurt!! At least I know where they're coming from now.  I'm starting to dread labor... knowing that he hasn't dropped down AT ALL... he's perfectly comfy wedged in my rib cage :) it's going to make for a VERY fun labor, don't you think ;)

Monday Feb. 6
   Doctor, again.  Pretty routine.  My blood pressure is going up again.  It was around 135/92 the whole NST - which was about what my blood pressure was through the first 7 months of my pregnancy.  We're going in to the office at 10am on Thursday - then heading straight over to labor and delivery :)  I'm VERY anxious.  I'm scared because everyone tries to tell you what labor and delivery will be like, but every story is different!! I feel like I did right before I went through the temple for the first time.  It's like a big secret that so many people are in on, but can't tell you!!
how I feel about bed rest... it's the worst ever!!
Thursday Feb. 9
    With my luck... can you guess what happened today?  Ammon and I woke up and got all ready to go get ourselves a baby!  We went to the doctors office for one last NST, and my blood pressure was 118/70.  I don't think it's been that low in my whole life!  After a few more readings, the highest it got was 130/85 - which is still within normal limits.  Dr. Ott came in and said "I had a feeling you'd do this to me! I'm just too good at my job!"  I love that guy :)  The hospital has super strict regulations about inductions, and with blood pressure that low, he couldn't induce me today :'(  you know that feeling where the rug gets ripped out from underneath you?  Times it by 100 and you're where Ammon and I are today.  SO FRUSTRATING!!!!  So, he said he made an appointment with Labor and Delivery to induce me Saturday morning - when I am officially 37 weeks.  And, of course, today was one of those days where I felt awesome and looked really cute - so on Saturday I'll be feeling like crap and looking like it, too ;)

Saturday Feb. 11
    Labor and Delivery called us about 6 am to come in for our induction.  I was up ALL night waiting for their call so I was ready to go in about 2 minutes.  We got there, walked in and it was smooth sailing the rest of the day!  By 7:30 I was hooked up to all my drips and getting pitocin. Easy as pie! I was at a 3 when Dr. Ott broke my water at 10:30, Dr. Evans hooked me up with an epidural about and hour later and the rest was cake :) I was so nervous I was going to need a c-section, because about an hour after my epidural - I was only dilated to a 4.  We waited another hour and I was dilated to a "big" 5.  Then, an hour and a half later - I was at a big 9 and the nurses wanted me to try pushing!!  Everything just seemed too easy - like I was waiting for the other shoe to drop and disaster to explode!  I started pushing and my nurses said I was a great pusher (yay me!) and baby was making is way on down.  I took a break or two in between pushing sessions, and then they called Dr. Ott!  The baby was just sitting there, crowned, waiting for Dr. to come get him out :)  Once Dr. Ott arrived, I pushed through one contraction and he was here!!  He put our baby on my chest and I cried.. and cried, and cried and cried.  We'd decided on Parks or Cruz for his name, but wanted to see him first to decide.  Once he came out EVERYONE said he was a Cruz.  All his adorable dark hair and cute little face - it just fit :)  So, Cruz Ammon Bradshaw was here! And healthy and perfect and he didn't put his momma through any stress at all!!

he stretches like this ALL the time :) After being crammed in my tiny torso - who can blame him?

I could just cry - AGAIN!! the most perfect day ever.

 My recovery was like nothing - I didn't hurt at all the next day and we got to come home at 11 on Sunday morning!  It was the most amazing day of my life.  I've never felt so close to the veil before - like the creator was right there handing over this amazing little person for me to take care of.  It was completely perfect.  I'd thought my tear quota was all used up right when he was delivered, but every time during the night I would look at his little angle face, I would start crying again :)

perfection :)

The day we got home from the hospital - 4 Generations :) We will have 5 once my Great-Grandma Jones gets to meet him

proud uncle Prime :)