Saturday, August 25, 2012

sucking at life

WOW. Where is the year going? August is almost over - Cruz is SIX months old!! wowsers.  I swear he was born like 5 weeks ago.  Anyways! I've been awesome at taking his picture ever Monday! I put them on Facebook instead of here.

here's his first 16 weeks! I'm more than halfway through this project that no one thought I would finish :) I'm SO SO SO happy it did it. Yeah sometimes it's a huge pain, but it's been so amazing to see him grow.  I never thought I would forget how tiny he was when he was born... but I already have! He's getting so big and smart and has the cutest personality.  This was the BEST idea I think I've ever had.

Not too much is new with us.  Ammon works in Page still - we're working on that.  I'm still doing photography.  We're the same old boring peeps but now we have Cruz, and he makes our life so much more awesome than it was.  How did we survive with out him? What did we used to talk about before he came along?  I NEVER have my point and shoot camera on me anymore.  I need to do better at documenting our lives with a camera that isn't on my phone ;)

Anyways! I redid our blog and I think it's pretty cute :) I also redesigned my moms and hers is adorable!

That's our life - boring boring boring.