Thursday, November 29, 2012

Numero Uno Slacker... o?

So... if you were wondering - yes I am the worst blogger.  I pretty much record my life exclusively via Facebook and Instagram.  No, I don't care - because I bet 3 people will read this ;)  Plus - Instagram makes me feel all shiny because I can post a picture of my eyeball and get like 70 likes.  Ah, the quick self-validation that social media brings ;)  What DID we do with all of our time before it?

Not much happens at our house.  The past few months have been sooo insanely busy that I can hardly remember what happened and when.  I shot 58 sessions in 3 months.  How is that possible you ask? Let's just say I'll probably have carpal tunnel at 30 and whenever I stare a computer or TV for too long I start to see these tiny little stars in the corners of my eyes... cause to worry? Probably ;)

Ammon got a new job!!! He is finally free of the dam and working in Southern Utah (for the most part).  He got a job at a company called Trees, Inc.  They are contracted through Rocky Mountain Power to trim the trees around the power lines and such.  It's a perfect fit for him to work in the mountains and be outside all day.  I'm so happy to have him home.  It's so crazy how much of a toll it takes on a marriage - and we didn't even realize it until he was home every night.  I can't believe how much we were missing out on!! If you get to see your husband every single night - don't take it for granted.  It really is a blessing and I'm so lucky to have it back!

CRUZ!! That little boy is growing like a weed!!  I've been a level 10 rock star at taking his weekly pictures.  I'm so freakin proud of myself!! No one thought I would make it past a few months.  I've said a billion times before but I am SOOO glad that I decided to do it.  I cherish those pictures so much.  Taking pictures for my job makes me never want to grab my little red camera and snap away - it feels like work.  So taking the weekly pictures has helped me keep track of Cruz's growth and development. I can't even find words for how happy they make me - to see him growing and his personality developing!

We finally got a decent family picture that wasn't taken off of one of our phones!! That little Cruz is the most photogenic baby.

Life is going pretty good! We're so excited for Cruz's first Christmas :)  I know he won't really know what's up - but everything is more fun with children :) Until next time friends!