Thursday, January 17, 2013

Surviving Pregnancy

I am feeling blessed blessed blessed today!! I journaled pretty extensively while I was pregnant with Cruz and I'm so happy I did!!  During this time in Cruz's pregnancy I was puking my guys up every day.  I felt awful!  I was so nervous about getting pregnant again! What if I was puking my life away while Cruz was screaming in his crib?!  How do I know throw up on him while I'm changing a diaper or wipping up spit?  I was stressing major.  I haven't hardly felt sick at all this time around!! I've felt a little nauseous, but compared to Cruz... this is a walk in the park!!! Either it's a girl, or the big man up stairs knows what he's doing with this boy!! I don't know how I would survive!!  (I know I'm probably jinxing myself!! I'm sure next week you'll be able to find me wrapped around the nearest toilet ;D)

Anyways!! I didn't take very good care of myself whilst pregnant with the Cruzster.  I was in pjs all day every day - hair in bun with no make-up.  Finally, around week 27 I realized that I feel so much better when I get up, get ready, and look good!!  So, this time around I'm doing that from the beginning - and it works miracles!!  I should be doing these things every day, pregnant or not - but pregnancy makes me motivated ;) if only there were a pregnancy placebo I could take! ;)

Okay - here's what I do.. I've just started a few of them recently and they are AWESOME!!

1) Baking Soda

If you're like me and scroll through Pinterest whenever there's a lull in the day - I'm sure you've seen the pin of the beautiful Lauren Conrad and her glowing, baby fresh skin.  Now, I've NEVER had good skin - not a day in my life.  And pregnancy doesn't really make that better.  I never have the "pregnancy glow".  Whoever made that nonsense up needs a firm slap in the facial region.  Well - I read that pin and all you have to do is this:

put a bit of baking soda in your hand - mix it with enough water to make a paste - scrub your face.

how easy is that?!  After ONE scrub my skin looked better.  After three scrubs my acne scars looked lighter, my blackheads less noticeable, and all the red sores from my picking were gone!! GONE PEOPLE!!!  I've tried just about everything under the sun and NEVER have I had something so cheap and easy be so effective.  I'll be keeping this around for a long time.  It's like a thirty cent micro-abrasion - which I've also done and didn't see ANY results.  Baking soda is where it's at.

2) Maskcara

If you've been to her site - you know what's up!! She's a miracle worker, that Cara!!  I've NEVER worn face make-up until this year and I can't believe what I was missing out on!!

3)  Cute maternity clothes

I love seeing my belly grow - but it is a little depressing!!  When nothing in your closet fits because the girls are getting to big and the gut is exploding.. it's not the best feeling.  But cute clothes.. I'm pretty sure they can fix just about anything :)  Here's where I think are GREAT maternity buys - and cheap!!

Old Navy Maternity

Gap Maternity

K there are more - like Target and ROSS!!  and let's get real - 80% of maternity shirts you could easily wear again.  I know I did!! They are crazy comfy!

4) Sleep and Exercise

This one's a dead giveaway.  But, I know with Cruz - I didn't want to see the sun... and a light breeze was enough to trigger my gag reflex, but I've felt so awesome this time around exercising and sleeping at normal hours!

5) Biotin!! ( and your other vitamins)

I'm basically the opposite of every other pregnant lady around - so my hair and nails don't get shiny and awesome... they get brittle and dry.  Biotin is the miracle pill ya'll. My nails and hair are beautiful!!  Plus, it's just a shot of B vitamins.. baby can't get enough of those!!

6) Coconut oil

I use coconut oil for everything!!  I rub it on my tummy so I don't get mad stretch marks like I did with Cruz - those bad boys do NOT fade away like normal scars.. they're here to stay!  Coconut oil (as I'm sure my pinterest friends have read somewhere) is magic in a bottle!!  I use it on my scalp, my dry skin - Cruz's eczema!  My face, too!  Mix it with a little cold aloe vera and it's the best sunburn remedy out there.

7) Keep a journal

Seriously - it's one of my most treasured possessions.  Rereading how I felt when I knew I was finally pregnant with Cruz - how frustrated I was with morning sickness - how happy I was when he was born.  People say you forget... I never will ;)  I've got it written down and saved for years to come!!  Best thing I ever did for myself.

8) Get your questions answered

I have the best doctors in the world (Chalmers and Ott!).  They have been nothing but great to me through both pregnancies.  When I was diagnosed with PCOS, Dr. Ott explained everything so well to me.  I knew exactly what was going on and I felt knowledgeable!  One thing I regret doing is not writing down my questions during my pregnancy and getting answers.  Every horror story to every happen during pregnancy is on the internet and in the books... but none of the rest are!  Every little thing that happened I would consult my book or look it up online.. and what did I find??  Oh, no. I have endormetriosis... I have a heart murmur?  My leg is going to fall off?!  An asteroid is headed for earth and it's got it's sights on my pregnant belly?!?!  Okay not that bad... but there is so much information out there, you're bound to get some inaccurate stuff along the way.  Your doctors(s) are there to help!! They have decades of schooling at their disposal!! USE THEM!!!

That is how I plan to survive this pregnancy with one baby in the belly and one on the hip ;)  Cruz is super laid back, so I know he would be pretty easy!  I've been luck so far - and feeling great!!  Let's keep this going, baby number 2!!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Family of Four

I'm pregnant, again!!  The official story is that we found out on Christmas day :) It was a very excited surprise present for all of us!!  K things are about to get real - so you can skip down if you don't want all the gory details!   Everyone has been asking us if this was planned or a mistake.  It was a little of both, and here's why.  If you read my last pregnancy story you know that I have PCOS which makes it nearly impossible to get pregnant without some medical help.  After I had Cruz my body seemed to be adjusting pretty well!! I felt amazing the first three months he was born! My recovery was only 2 weeks and I was back to normal - I felt 100% then some.  My PCOS makes me exhausted and unmotivated, so I was soooo happy that I was back to feeling like my old, pre-PCOS self!  When Cruz was around 4 months old I started feeling yucky again.  My PCOS was back :(  I wasn't super surprised, but I was a little sad.  So when Cruz was 9 months I was supposed to call my Dr's nurse and give her an update on how I was doing.  I told her my PCOS was back with a vengeance and she gave me some medication to hopefully help me get back to normal.   Well, we got pregnant immediately!  We definitely weren't expecting it to happen so quickly, but we are both VERY happy!   We kept laughing that I was pregnant twice in 2012 ;)  how very mormon of us! haha!  My first few tests were negative so I wasn't expecting anything.  When it had been two weeks and nothing had happened I took another test on Christmas morn and it was positive!!  Merry Christmas!!!!

Anyways!! We were a little shocked that it happened to fast, but super pumped to add another member to our family.  Cruz is so awesome! We had talked about having another one soon, but never really nailed down a plan - thinking we would have to go through the whole infertility process again (which is LONG!!).
As you can see.. the second line wasn't SUPER dark... so I took another test a few days later and BAM!!!  Two dark lines.  Baby on board!!

PCOS is the weirdest condition because when I'm not pregnant or nursing I feel like crap 98% of the time.  I'm tired and lazy and don't feel like doing anything except popping in some Friends or Gossip Girl and laying in bed all day.  When I knew my PCOS was back this time I tried SO hard to not let it get the best of me.  I had a baby to take care of!!  He needed to be outside exploring the world and seeing new things!  Thank the Lord for Cruz.  He really is a lifesaver for me.  I know now that a huge chunk of PCOS is mental (well, it's ALL mental but that's a story for another day!), and I CAN overcome it!!  I may not physically overcome it, but I can mentally beat this thing!!  I have Cruz to think about and soon his brother or sister - I have to be the best mom on the planet for these perfect little angels and my problems can't effect them!  Kids really do change your life in the best ways!

Now, I'm not the best secret keeper when the secret is about me.  I told my family pretty much the day after I found out ;) haha I just couldn't keep it in any longer!!!  Then, it started to leak out to cousins and close friends and ward members and you know... so I figured I'd better make an announcement!!  And I have the cutest sidekick in the world, so I let Cruz do the heavy lifting

We're super excited and can't wait to see if it's a boy or girl (we're betting boy ;D).  August can't come soon enough!!!