Friday, February 22, 2013

Where the path leads...

I don't know about you, but I get super nostalgic and retrospective when I'm pregnant!  When I was pregnant with Cruz, Ammon and I would talk about the things in our past that lead us to each other and how if we didn't choose exactly those choices, we probably would have never found each other! And then we wouldn't have Cruz, or this baby! It's so crazy to think about all the tiny things that shape your life.  For instance - I was three weeks early when I was born.  Had I been born on my due date, I would have been in a grade lower than the grade I ended up in.  I would have graduated a year later, never met the friends that pushed me to move to Provo.  I would have never hated Provo with a fiery passion and moved home and started working at the spa - where I met my sister in law, Alise... who set me up on a blind date with Ammon :)   If Ammon was born on HIS dute date (he was two weeks late), he would have been a year earlier in school (the grade I was in).  He would have moved to St. George at the end of his senior year and immediately left on his mission. Had Ammon not gone on his mission to South Carolina, he would have never met Brady Jensen.  We MIGHT have dated a little bit, but we never would have run into each other at that bonfire Brady and my friends from high school were having, and we might have only been a blind date that didn't lead anywhere.  The Lord has plans for us!!  Especially looking back on both of our lives.

My infertility story is on here, but I think all of the time how much I would have HATED being pregnant with Cruz if I didn't have such a struggle getting pregnant in the first place.  I waited and went through all of the drugs and tests and infertility process (which is a LONG one) - and when I finally had two pink lines on that test, I don't think I'd ever been happier.  Even when I was puking my guts up for the fourth or fifth time in a day, I would be so grateful because I knew that my baby was growing and alive.  I think I complained maybe twice to Ammon, but I was so happy to be pregnant and feel him move and know that I was FINALLY going to be a mom!

With baby number 2 we figured it would take us a while to get pregnant again - so when we started trying it truly was a miracle that we got pregnant immediately - like that shouldn't be able to happen!!  And Cruz is the best baby ever, I feel a little tired, but this baby was truly a gift from God because it's been a cake walk compared to Cruz ;)

We find out the gender at my next appointment!! It's so exciting!!  My blood pressure is already a problem, and I have to start the same medication they had me on with Cruz pretty soon - which scares me!!  It's made to slow down your heart and not make it pump so hard, so it makes me exhausted and light headed and sluggish.  But, Cruz is so laid back and easy I'm sure it will be okay.

I still have a few ideas for Cruz's one year old pictures that I haven't done - but they are going to be so cute!! I mean, really... look at this face!!  He was made to model for his photographer mom, for sure!!
I'm not the biggest fan of hats, but in the store Cruz was obsessed with it!! He would take it off, the put it on and smile so huge - like he was sooo cool ;) So I had to get it for him!!

His birthday party was so much fun, too!! This little boy loves a good party :) It made all the planning and work worth it!

Other than Cruz's birthday and my doctors visits, life is pretty boring and normal!!  We're super excited to see if Cruz is getting a little brother or sister :)