Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle... yeah

I had my half way ultra sound on Tuesday, and it is ALWAYS so exciting to see my baby kicking around and doing well.  I still haven't felt him move for sure... which is exactly how I was with Cruz.  I have every weird pregnancy thing in the book - and my anatomy is no different.  I have an anterior placenta, which isn't a bad thing, but my placenta is the closest thing to the skin of my belly.  So, it makes my baby's movements harder for me to feel since he has to kick through 1) my placenta 2) the amniotic fluid 3) my uterus wall and 4) my skin. I remember feeling Cruz for 100% certain at about 21 weeks... so I know I'll be feeling this little guy anytime now.  I always thing I do.. but it feels like it could be my tummy or innards doing their own thing ;) Little QK (we're calling him question mark Kyle for now... we can't ever decide on names until they're born) holds his feet exactly like Cruz, crossed at the ankels and knees bent.  I never noticed it in Cruz's ultrasounds, but I noticed with QK because we think it is the cutest when Cruz does it now.  QK also had both hands in fists up to his mouth - Cruz did that in every ultrasound, too :) It is SOOO much fun to see the similarities already in our children!  I can't wait to see what new baby looks like!  I would love to have a mini Cruz ;) but I know Cruz looks a LOT like me and my brothers, so it will be fun to see what an Ammon baby looks like.  Ammon is the real looker in this family ;)

Little baby kept looking right into the ultrasound wand.  He was completely turned around, facing my spine, when she started - and within 30 seconds he was flipped around and pressing his face against the place the wand was! So I got to see his cute little face as 3D... which doesn't really look like a face ;)  But he sure was persistent!! Anywhere the wand would go he would start making his way to it.  I already love him so much.

Pictures coming soon.. it's 9:45 and that's about an hour past my bed time ;) #oldladystatus

Saturday, April 6, 2013

5 Photoshop actions you need!

Okay, since you're all my friends and I love you - I'm going to tell you which photoshop actions you NEED to buy!  I don't use most these on every picture, but when you need them - boy do they make life nice!!  These are what I use for my personal photos - not my professional photos :D

1) MCP Touch of Light / Touch of Darkness
       This action is FREE!! So right off the back, you know it's awesome!!  I use this for my blown out skies.  I use a portrait lens for every single shoot I do, and they aren't the best for far off details - like beautiful sunsets or clouds.  So I get a LOT of white skies.  The touch of darkness part of the action is awesome.

2) MCP Magic Skin
       This action is amazing.  I don't use any of the actions for smooth skin on my portrait shots (I prefer to do that on my own ;D), but for big families, I use the "MCP Magic Skin"action.  You select up to three skin tones, and the action will smooth EVERYONE'S skin for you.  For big groups I love it.  The main thing I love this action set for is "MCP Skin Cast Blast".  This is a LIFE SAVER!!  Sometimes I'll get weird color casts, where skin and eyes look yellow or orange or red.  You can fix this is Camera Raw - but this action is faster and I thin easier.  I absolutely love it.

3) Florabella Luxe I
       For quick edits of your kids, I love these actions.  The saturate and contrast well and bring out gorgeous skin tones and eye color.  I use these on Cruz all the time - I take so many pictures of him I could have two full time jobs editing all of them.  Plus, like most actions, all of the steps are customizable through the opacity and fill.  Of all the Florabella actions I've tried - these are my favorite.

4) Coffeshop Blog Lustrous Pop
      Again - FREE! Can't argue with that!  I've never been a huge fan of the Coffeeshop blog actions, but I do love this one!  When I do random shoots of my family or something I know I'm not going to spend a lot of time on - I love this action.  Use is with a lightening action and it's awesome!!

5) Coffeeshop Blog Give it Texture
      If you're new to textures, start here and figure them out.  I learned most of photoshop by teaching myself off of actions.  I still use this sometimes because it's easy and quick!

Now go use them!! Photoshop used to scare the living daylights out of me before I knew what I was doing! But it is so much fun - especially with Cruz and new baby coming soon!  I know all of my kids' pictures will be awesome!

Good Luck!!

Half Way - This is really happening!

I'm half way through my pregnancy!! Is this real life? Is this really happening so fast?  I felt like I was pregnant with Cruz for EVER!!! The longest 8 months of my whole life... I don't even remember these last five months happening.  I can't believe it's April.. and in August I will have two.. that's right TWO... children.  Oh man. Getting dizzy!!

Remember how I get super nostalgic whilst pregnant?  I'm feeling like that for my baby Cruz now... did I get pregnant too fast?  Did I spend enough time with Cruz, just me and him?  Will he get neglected when his brother comes?  Will his life be worse off?

It almost brings me to tears thinking about the things I won't be doing with Cruz anymore.  I won't be able to rock him to sleep for an hour every night (one of my most favorite things in the world).  Everyone told me to enjoy every single second with Cruz, and I really took it to heart.  Ammon and I knew we wanted our kids close together.  We didn't know if that was a physical possibility for us, but how do you even begin to start preparing to split your love and attention from your only child, to two children??? I'm starting to freak out.  A LOT!!!

Cruz is still a baby!! He's only 14 months old right now.  He still doesn't walk, still drinks bottles, goes through tons of diapers, needs to be cuddled and loved like a baby!!

But, then I think about what I will be giving him... a baby brother. A best friend for life.  I don't know what I would do without my brothers - they are the biggest part of my world (there are 4 of them ;D).  I don't think I've ever gone ONE day in my whole entire life without talking to at least one of them, not even on my honeymoon.  We're thick at thieves and I can only hope and pray my children will be the same way!  When I think about it that way - I don't get the lump in my throat.  I don't start panicking and run to find Cruz so I can force him to snuggle with me while I rub his back and think "our days are numbered!!"

Our big ultrasound is a week from Monday :) I love seeing my baby so much.  I love my Doctor and all his helpers and just generally feel so blessed sometimes it hurts.  I've heard so many mixed reviews about bringing baby number 2 home... It's so hard! It's easier than the first one!  I don't even know how to prepare.  Cruz is too young to understand what's going on... maybe that will help?

looking like I'm 30 weeks... no big deal.