Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I never want to forget!

I've been trying to keep a separate journal just of milestones of Cruz and funny things he does - but I swear for some reason, sitting down and writing in a journal is so much harder than typing... So here are a few things about Cruz recently that I dont want to forget :)

1 - Sleeping.
      Cruz started having a hard time sleeping in his crib a few weeks ago - and since I had been exhausted trying to keep up with Cruz and grow baby number 2, he's ended up sleeping with us since.  I worry about it becoming a problem, but Cruz makes every situation just amazing.  In the mornings, he usually wakes up before I do and he'll scoot over to me and snuggle my head and kiss my right on the lips.  How can I try to sleep train him in his crib when I get the royal mommy treatment every morning?!  That boy... he's so fantastic.  When Ammon is home, he is snuggled up to him every chance he gets.
it's blurry, but this is how Cruz fell asleep one night :) he loves his daddy so much
2) Pictures
      Cruz was meant to be a photographers child!! He LOVES pictures of himself.  I can sit with my phone and take pictures of us for 25 minutes and he'll pose and giggle and love every second of it!  And man... we are twins!!  It makes me feel cute - because that baby is the cutest!!

3) The merciless affliction of pain!!
       Cruz loves his uncles so much.  He would much rather be at Grandma's house with her and the boys than anywhere with me :) Naturally, when you have 4 brothers, there tends to be a good amount of rumbles at Grandmas.   And Cruz is always right in the middle of it!!  If the boys are yelling at each other - Cruz wants to yell stuff, too!  If the boys are wrestling, Cruz wants to jump on someone and smack them in the head!  He loves being with the big boys!  And they love him.  And I love being able to sit on a couch and not have to chase him around ;)

4) Cruz's hair don't care. 
      We all know that Cruz has one amazing head of hair (he takes after his momma and grandma!).  It tangles just looking at it, so we brush that boys head morning and night.  The easiest way it just to brush it all straight back and let his part while it dries.  So, after a bath - Cruz's hair is lookin' fly!! haha I just laugh so hard because the ultra comb back STILL looks cute on him ;) And his little curls in the back... I just die over.  

5)  My dancing fool
      If you whistle, hum, or turn on ANY kind of music - that kid will dance his littler heart out!! If you follow my instagram... There are two videos of him busting it hard!! Anytime we're in the car he is back there in his carseat bobbing his head or doing the dirty bird.  He'll also start dancing if you simply say "Hey, Cruz! Do the Cruzie shake!!"  {in the voice of "Do the harlem shake"}.  For reals.... my child is level 10 awesome.  I love him so much!! He's going to be a great big brother!

Pregnancy Update  weeks 28-30
   I'm doing much, MUCH better with this baby than I was with Cruz.  My BP is still high, but compared to Cruz - not that high!  I'm feeling awesome (just huge and hot ALL the live long day), too! I have to start going in once a week for NST's to make sure the baby is doing okay with my BP from now on... But I've got less than 2 months!! I can't wait for him to be here.  I had an ultrasound 2 weeks ago and his feet and hands are HUGE!!! Like biggest baby feet I've ever seen in the womb.  He's measuring right on and weighing right on, too.  So everything is looking good so far!  Win for team Bradshaw!! I'm crossing my fingers to have him early - since Cruz's labor and delivery was so easy :)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

SLC Trip

Chase met a girl in Korea in his first area that is serving in the temple square mission - so him, my mom, and Prime Time took a trip up there - and since I've been getting pregnancy cabin fever, they let Cruz and me tag along!!

First we hit up the Zoo... Cruz was in HEAVEN!!! He called every animal "Dez", of course.  But he loved all of them! He especially love the seals and sea lions, the gorillas, and the giraffes. Every time a seal or sea lion would swim by he would point and say "ooooh!" or "DEZ!!!".  It was so much fun to see him watch them with so much interest!!

watching the seals

Chase scootin

when we saw the big gorilla like this one in person - Cruz was not impressed.  It had it's back to us and was holding really still! But, when he stood up and started walking, Cruz started freaking out!! Zack has a gorilla costume and scared the poop out of Cruz one day... haha I think it was Post traumatic stress!! I was laughing too hard to get out my camera!

the next day we went to Temple Square for a tour with Sister Kim.  Prime, Cruz and I went to a bank that was "around the corner" according to the lady in Deseret book... an hour later we made it back to Temple Square, had missed the tour - and were wiped out.  But, Haden did get sniffed by a homeless man who would not stop talking about pizza... :)

WOOO!! Big mama :) 

and of course - the main attraction! Chase is on a billboard for Dixie in Mesquite, Cedar, Beaver and Fillmore ;) 
It was a super fun trip!! Cruz didn't handle the car as well as our last long road trip to Goleta - but he didn't pretty good :)