Sunday, July 14, 2013

Maternity & Family Pictures - before there are FOUR of us!

One thing I regret a LOT is not taking maternity pictures while I was pregnant with Cruz.  I had been thinking about it, then I get preeclampsia and started swelling like a balloon and didn't feel pretty at all.  So we took ONE shot the night before I knew I would be induced and it was like from the shoulders down and I was wearing black so I just look fat ;)  I knew I wanted Zack's beautiful horses in the shot, because new baby's nursery is going to be tribal-ish.  So, Zack and I set a time for all of us to get some pictures.

Of course, it was the weekend of the HEAT WAVE.  It was 120 degrees outside and all of us were dying, but I'm so happy we did it!! It was so hot I just wanted to strip down and lay under a fan, so there aren't a million pictures, but the few that we did snap I am very happy with!

I saw an idea on pinterest for something like this with Cruz, and another photographer took almost the exact same pictures with her baby, no kidding, two days before we were scheduled to take ours!! Stupid pinterest!!!  But, I knew I wanted a shot like this for our guest bathroom and I LOVE THEM!!! Cruz is so stinking cute. 

Since Zack has been level 10 awesome about letting me use his horses pasture for pictures all the time and helping find new locations, I am always super happy to take pictures of my brothers - and my dad even showed up for this shoot!! It was a fun, although sweltering/armpit of Satan, day!

I adore this so much!!

And, of course, Zack had something special up his sleeve.  Since the 4th was only 2 or 3 days away ;)