Thursday, August 29, 2013

Life is Awesome.

Now that Parks is here and happy and healthy - I don't know what I was so worried about!! Cruz has adjusted SOOOO well.  I can't even believe how amazing he's been.  He's never shown one ounce of jealousy or distance towards Parks.  He just wants to kiss him and hold him and love on him all day!  And when Parks is asleep and I can have some one on one time with Cruz, he is so happy and fun to be around!  He is such a good little helper - like really I don't know what I did to deserve Cruz and all his awesomeness, but man am I happy he's mine!! Parks is such a good baby!! Just like Cruz was. He wakes up to eat and look around quietly, then he sleeps. At his one week check up, Parks lost a whole pound! Poor little skinny guy! But, he's doing much better eating and in 4 days he gained 9 ounces!!  He's a little champ.  I remember feeling this way with Cruz - just blissfully happy.  I felt that way with Cruz until I was about 6 months pregnant with Parks... then my hormones just ruined everything! ;)

loved all day everyday!

checking on the baby :) the best big brother!

seriously - so much LOVE!!!
We take a LOT of pictures in this house.. and I ain't mad about it!! Here's what's been going on, picture wise!

Parks - 2 days old

Parks at one week old - so skinny!!!!

Family Pictures!! I love these guys so much!! Boys are the best :) Parks was 4 days old.

I'm loving life right now!  It's times like these when I really remember how much Heavenly Father loves all of us!! And how the family is what it's all about.  I never in a million years knew I could be this happy!! My children... geez they are just the best thing in the whole world! Okay, I'll step off my soap box ;) until next time!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Hello Parks Kyle Bradshaw - We've been waiting for you!

This is the story from the few days leading up to Parks's birth!

So, this pregnancy has been the bipolar opposite of Cruz's.  Today is Wednesday the 14th, and I know I will be having the baby either tomorrow or the next day - and I'm SO NERVOUS!!  I keep having the craziest dreams - haha those dang hormones!! I had a dream that Ammon lost the baby in the hospital, so they gave us one to take home until they found ours... and it was black?  Haha yeah, it's time to get this kid out of me!  I get scared that because this pregnancy was so much easier, the labor and delivery is going to be super hard.  I hope that's not the case!  I have an appointment tomorrow to see how things are going, and they will either send me over to labor and delivery from the doctor's office, or schedule a time for Friday!  I'm excited to be done and meet this little guy!   Good news is I definitely don't have preeclampsia!  My blood pressure is a little high, but nothing out of the norm.  I was dilated to a 3 "not quite a 4" on Tuesday, and 80% effaced.  The week before, Dr. Chalmers could feel the head when he checked me!  So, hopefully everything goes smoothly!!

So! I went in for another check up on thursday, and my blood pressure had spiked again.  So Dr. Ott sent me straight to labor and delivery!  I didn't have anything except my purse.  Cruz was at our house with Zack, and Ammon was working in Nephi.  It happened so fast!  I called Ammon and he got on the road as soon as he could.  I called my mom and told her what was going on and she went to get our bags and Cruz's stuff.  I was signed in and hooked up at around 10:00.  I got my epidural around 11:00 and Dr. Ott came to break my water at like 11:15.  Everything was moving along so quickly and easily! My nurse said that I had a ridiculous amount of amniotic fluid - when he broke my water, I literally could breath again! I couldn't believe how much pressure it relieved!! I could feel my rib cage again!  My mom brought our things and Cruz over to say hi.  Ammon showed up at about 1:15.  I took a few power naps.  They checked me twice and I was dilated to a 5 around 2:20, but he still hadn't dropped down yet.  So, they moved me around a few times to see if we could get him to move into the birth canal.  I started to take a nap and was feeling so much pressure - not just pressure, pain!  I started scratching my legs to see if my epidural was maybe wearing off, and I couldn't feel anything on the outer parts of my legs, but when I pinched the inner part of my leg, I could feel my finger nails.  We called my nurse because the pain was really starting to pick up, and I was having a hard time breathing through my contractions.  She came in and checked me at 3:55 and I was fully dilated and the baby was coming right now!! I text my mom at 3:56 and said "Come now! I'm having him really soon! They're setting up!"

At 4:04 Parks was born!! I'm sure my epidural was working a little still, but oh my gosh it hurt!!! I'm glad it went so quickly, because I was dying.  They rolled me onto my back right when Dr. Ott walked in and I pushed with one contraction and his head was out.  It hurt so bad I was crying and probably yelling ;)  I pushed through the next contraction and he was born!!!  Thank heaven it went fast! I didn't tear or need any stitched, either! I was pretty proud of myself ;)  My mom, dad and Chase showed up seriously 7 minutes after he was born.  It was all such a blur.  I still can't even believe Parks is here!! Cruz handled it so well when he came to visit! He wanted to pet Parks's head and give him kisses and kept saying "baby!".  Being a mom of two boys is going to be fun!!

this melts my heart! Cruz loves him so much

I'm so glad to be done with this pregnancy!! I love Parks and Cruz so much!! Being a mom - it's just the best thing this world offers.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Almost there!

Today I am officially 37 weeks! If I were pregnant with Cruz, I would be in labor right now ;( haha I'm pretty sure I'll be waiting another week, unless I go into labor on my own.  Which is possible! At my check up yesterday, I was dilated to a big 3 and 80% effaced! When Dr. Chalmers checked me he could feel the baby's head!! Which explains why I'm so achey!! I hurt, like, 100% of the time!! Getting out of bed of up from the couch is so painful sometimes I have to stop and recuperate for a few seconds! haha that head is pushing on pretty much every bone he can touch.  Good times ;)  When they induced me with Cruz I wasn't this far effaced, and I remember being a little achey with him, but nothing like this!! It will all be worth it in about a week! And I'll forget all about it until I get pregnant again ;) I've been fairly good at documenting how huge I have via instagram and facebook! I didn't do that AT ALL with Cruz... which makes me sad.  But, hopefully my next post will be a birth post!! Getting so close!!