Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Fall 2013

Life with two babies is so much fun!! But I HAVE to stop and remind myself to write in my journal.  And blog.  And take pictures.  It's the only thing I'll have to remember how awesome this time in our life was - and boy do I suck at it!! So, here's the rundown from the last few months.

Parks was blessed - it was a fantastic day!! The only thing that did not go well was THIS picture ;) which I will treasure for ever because it's just exactly how pictures always go for us!

Halloween was SOOO much fun this year!! Cruz loved it so much! And Parks was pretty unamused all day ;) he DID NOT like his frankenparks costume. at. all.  In fact, he wore candy corn pj's the rest of the day because, apparently, he was too traumatized to stay in his frankenstein jammies.

Cruz tagged along with me to a flash sale and I got some extremely cute pictures of him... which doesn't happen often these days!!

I've been dying to get a cute picture of the two of these babes for EVER and Cruz will never cooperate.  But, we played in the leaves and Parks was just laying on a blanket and Cruz sat next to him and said "Mamma, Cheese!!" So I mad dashed inside to grab my camera and I got THESE jems!! I could just cry they are so perfeect!!

Parks is a BIG fan of Christmas lights!

Fridays with Parks are going great!! Sometimes it REALLY sucks - but I look through my Mondays with Cruz pictures all the time and remind myself how much I adore them!! I will never regret taking too many pictures.  I already love to see how much Parks has grown. Best. Decision. Ever.

We took my side family pictures in October while Chase was here for a weekend and they turned out AMAZING!! I was a little nervous to take them at the temple steps, but as usual, my mom's vision was fantastic.  And Chase snapped this shot of me, which is the first picture of myself I've actually like in a LONG time!

this cheesy bug.  we'll need to work on his smile!

Life is so awesome.  I can't even begin to describe it.  I feel SOOOOO blessed that I can work from home and be with my babies.  I can't imaging having to leave them for hours and hours everyday.  I am truly one VERY lucky lady.