Friday, November 7, 2014

IT'S A GIRL??!?!!!!!!!!!!!!

We're having a girl!!! I was so good at blogging when I was pregnant with Cruz... I was okay with Parks.. I'm sucking it up with baby girl ;) But, the good news is that this pregnancy is flying by - faster than I thought possible. I'm 18 weeks and feeling goodish.  I'm still quite nauseous until about noon everyday - and I'm had the lovely morning sickness about four times.  I will NEVER figure pregnancy out.  I threw up literally every day (including three times in labor) with Cruz, and NEVER threw up once with Parks.  It's just the weirdest thing, pregnancy. Other than being really tired from the insomnia, I'm doing great! I have a little bit more energy than I did a few weeks ago, which is great :) The best part, is November is 1/3 over and that means my busy season is quickly coming to a close - which I am always very happy about this time of year! I like slowing down at the beginning of the year and taking a little break.

ANYWAYS!! At my ultrasound, I CRIED!  I asked our sonographer if she was serious multiple times. It took about two weeks to really sink in, but now I am over the moon excited!! I can't believe it's real sometimes! I can't wait to see what she will look like - and Cruz is excited, too! Parks doesn't know what's going on, but he will when she comes.  I think having our kids close together was the best decision of our lives! I absolutely love it.  Cruz and Parks are becoming best friends, more and more each day, and I love watching them interact with each other and how they treat each other.

CRUZ - oh my goodness.  Ammon and I talk about how amazing he is EVERY SINGLE DAY.  I don't know what we did to deserve such an amazing human, but I thank the Lord for him at every prayer.  He is the sweetest child.  He says thank you and I love you at least fifty times a day.  He is always trying to include Parks (even though Parkie wants to be left alone), and take care of him.  I love that boy so much.  He is so special - I will never get over how perfect he is.  He will put himself in time out if he knows he's done something wrong, and he always says he's sorry.  WE love him so much it's unreal.

PARKS - his littler personality is really shining through now.  He's been quite stoic his whole short life, but he's coming out of his shell a lot lately! He is a TEASE!! He loves to tease everyone and flirt with cute girls ;) Like his brother, he has a thing for blondes, and SNORTS when he laughs.  He loves to snuggle.  He likes to sleep in his crib, even though I've tried to get him to sleep in my bed with Cruz and me - he likes his space!  He, usually, wants to be left to his own devices.  He doesn't like it when Cruz tries to help him ;) HE LIKES FOOD!!! And I mean, like, A LOT.  He would eat all day if the food were in his reach.  He's a short, stocky little thing and we adore him!!  His little bum wiggles when he walks and I'm surprised I haven't eaten him up yet.

We are so excited to add to our family!! We love being parents more than anything in the world.  It's the best thing I've ever done.  I can't wait for baby girl to get here :) We already love her too much!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Time Just FLIES!!

Really, where does the time go?  So much has happened in the past few months.  Parks turned one!! I can't even believe it - still!  We adore him beyond words.  He is the best thing.  His party was so much fun.  We had a huge inflatable slide - which all of the kids LOVED! And Parks didn't get out of the water the entire time - except for cake.  And, he's a fat kid - he loved it :)

Ammon and I started trying for baby number three when Parks was nine months old - the same age Cruz was when we tried to have Parks.  Two months later - BAM! Baby number three is on the way! We're so happy.  I love being pregnant.  Really. I love it.  I would do it all day every day forever.  I've never been as exhausted in my life.  I remember being tired with Parks, but this is on a whole different level!  I wake up tired, I go to be tired, I'm tired all day.  AND I sleep ALL NIGHT!  I'm just wiped.  It's probably from chasing around two very active boys and trying to cook another child.  I'll take it though! I love it!  It will be super fun to see what it is - Cruz and Parks's pregnancies were so different, I'm not suspecting anything at this point.  In fact, I'd run to Vegas right now and put money down that it's another boy - which I'd be thrilled with.  I would probably faint if it was a girl.  haha we will see right after Halloween!  If you haven't seen our announcement video on Facebook - go watch it.  My kids are so cute - I couldn't be happier to have another one!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

A Mother's Heart

I saw something today that I just can't let go.  I posted about it on Facebook - which I love because all of the comments make me realize I'm not crazy.  Ammon and I were watching youtube in the background while we were both reading, and while it was cycling through random videos - it stopped on one called "jerk dad kicks his 6 year old son off a halfpipe"

Usually I would immediately change it, because becoming a mother has softened my heart to almost mush.  I can't watch anything that remotely involves children being hurt, or I'll end up crying for days.  The video was a of a tiny boy on top of a ten foot high half pipe.  He had a tiny skateboard and a helmet, shoulder and knee pads.  The dad was smoking a cigarette and waiting, impatiently, for his son to drop in the halfpipe.  I guess he's been waiting too long because he looked flustered and kicked his son in the butt so he fell down into the pipe.  He landed right on his little bum and in the video you can hear him crying and saying "ouch!" in just the most heartbreaking voice ever.

In my eyes - I don't see a stranger kicking his child in the most demeaning way.  I see my Cruz getting kicked by someone.  I see my sweet angel Cruz getting donkey kicked in the bum and falling 8 feet flat on his rear end.  I hear my Cruz saying "OUCH!".  I want to rush to help him.  I want to pick him up and tell him "I'm going to punch that douche in the face for kicking you.  I'm going to make this feel better and you will be avenged!"  Okay, I would never say "You will be avenged!" I real life.  But my mama bear instincts feel that way!

After I was over the shock and awe that a father actually did that to his child, I think "Who is filming this?!" You can hear two women in the background chatting about something stupid.  Is one of those women his mother?  How could you let someone treat your child like that?!  How could you watch, let alone FILM, this awful thing happening to your son?

Outraged, I logged into my youtube account to see if anyone set this idiot strait via the comments.  I was in for a huge shock.  The first comment says something like "Glad you pushed him in! He looks like he needs to toughen up! Parenting done right!"


Who are these people? How can ANYONE be that calloused towards a CHILD?! And six years old? That is first grade.  That is still a baby to me!  I was physically sick. My stomach in knots.  Why can't I let this go?  Why is this eating away at my heart?

I searched more.  I found a video from the local news station saying that this was being investigated.  FINALLY! A small relief.

Then I remembered a friend of mine posting a video of a mother beating her infant baby with a pillow and smacking it across the face because it wouldn't stop crying.  I'm not exaggerating when I say that video has haunted my dreams.  This baby was younger than Parks.  So, through my eyes - I don't see a tiny Latino baby, I see my perfect Parks being beaten for no reason.  I see Parks reaching out to his mama only be smacked upside the head.  I see an evil woman hurting MY child.  I never understood why men and women were so different.  Why women seemed to have a special something inside them that could move mountains and part seas to help a child.  But I do now.  I know that nothing in this world would stop me from protecting my children.  I would gladly die for them, with a smile.  I would do ANYTHING, and I do mean anything, for them.  Not only for MY children, but for any child! Because that child is someone's Cruz or someone's Parks.  That child is loved so much by someone, and if something happened to them - it would rip them apart like it would me if it were my child.

Our world scares me.  Thank the Lord for the gospel and the church.  We need all the protection we can get!  And if my precious, amazing, perfect children ever read this, know one thing: Your mom loved you more than you can even comprehend.  Your mom will burn the world down before she lets something happen to you.  Your mom will do, literally, anything for you.  Because your mom loves you more than this life and all the lives hereafter.  The end :)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

All About Parks

PARKS!!!  The downfall to being a little brother to a crazy like Cruz, is he doesn't get as much attention for the little things like Cruz did when he was a baby!  So - here is some randoms about Parks!

He LOVES Grandpa Kyle!!  It's no coincidence we named him Parks Kyle.  These two love each other a lot!  And I think Parks is going to look just like him ;)

Parks is NOT easily impressed.  We took him to the park and he didn't crack a smile for the swings, slides or dirt.  He is my stoic boy.  He's so much more relaxed than Cruz was it is crazy they came from the same parents.

He does like to smile sometimes!  He'll always bust out a big smile for me!! He LOVES his daddy even more.  Ammon can always get him to laugh, and boy do I have to work for his laughs!! But he is one photogenic baby.  I never realized how much Cruz and he look alike.  I love this 52 week project!! 

Other random stuff. He has THEE most creamy, buttery skin I've ever felt.  I swear whenever I'm holding him I just stroke his perfect skin!! He LOVES getting his diaper changed.  He'll start kicking like crazy and squeal the whole time!!  He thinks my singing is hilarious.  He can army crawl EVERYWHERE!  He does not like to be left alone.  He loves Cruz more than anyone on the planet.  And he is Haden's mini me.  We love this boy so much!! 

Parks's 6 month photos

I can't even find words to say how incredibly blessed I am to have my job.  I don't know how the stars aligned so perfectly that I would have a job that lets me chronicle every single moment of my children's lives.   Parks had his 6 month birthday while we were in Disneyland, so it was kind of overshadowed by that and Cruz's birthday.  But OH MY GOSH!!! These pictures. I just want to die at how cute he is!!  And, you could probably just pass me a fork and I'd eat him up.  I swear.
He DID NOT enjoy being naked :) but OH GOSH!!!! I will cherish this one for all time!!

Our First Disneyland Trip!!

WHERE DO I EVEN START?!?! Disneyland was so incredibly amazing.  I couldn't have wished it any better!!  I was scared, you guys. Two kids under two on our FIRST trip to Disneyland... Ugh I was stressin.  But, duh. Parks was an angel and Cruz was in heaven!! We had so so so much fun!!  My mom is the world's best Grandma.  And my brothers are the world's best uncles.  It would have been much more difficult without them.  We all had so much fun!! Cruz loved every second of it!!
The first thing we saw when we entered the park on our first day was MICKEY!!!!!
We knew we wanted to do some character dining, and I hadn't researched any of them beforehand, but we picked Minnie's Breakfast in the park and it was perfect!!!  The characters just walk up to your table and you take pictures and they play games with you!! Cruz loved it! The first person we saw was Captain Hook! And Cruz latched on to me and yelled "Mom!! It's HOOK!!!!"  haha he knows he's a bad guy ;) But he was in love with all the other characters! It was so much fun, I would recommend it to EVERYONE! 

and Parks was perfect, as always! 

He fell asleep on most rides! :)  

Cruz's FAVORITE ride was Mater's Junkyard Jamboree!! He LOVES Mater's Tall Tales on Netflix, and he was in heaven!

He loved the teacups, too!! He had a blast on everything.

and boy, does he love Chase and B!! 
We loved the train, too!! 

and he adores Haden!! They're best buds! 

 Hunter was the best. He took Cruz on everything while we were waiting for the big kids to go on California screaming and the Tower of Terror.  Cruz was in heaven. He loves hunter and always wants to be with him!

We love Cars land!! It is so crazy detailed!!

Too much excitement means excellent naps! 
We can't wait for our next Disney trip!! Cruz' birthday is the perfect time to go!!