Tuesday, April 1, 2014

All About Parks

PARKS!!!  The downfall to being a little brother to a crazy like Cruz, is he doesn't get as much attention for the little things like Cruz did when he was a baby!  So - here is some randoms about Parks!

He LOVES Grandpa Kyle!!  It's no coincidence we named him Parks Kyle.  These two love each other a lot!  And I think Parks is going to look just like him ;)

Parks is NOT easily impressed.  We took him to the park and he didn't crack a smile for the swings, slides or dirt.  He is my stoic boy.  He's so much more relaxed than Cruz was it is crazy they came from the same parents.

He does like to smile sometimes!  He'll always bust out a big smile for me!! He LOVES his daddy even more.  Ammon can always get him to laugh, and boy do I have to work for his laughs!! But he is one photogenic baby.  I never realized how much Cruz and he look alike.  I love this 52 week project!! 

Other random stuff. He has THEE most creamy, buttery skin I've ever felt.  I swear whenever I'm holding him I just stroke his perfect skin!! He LOVES getting his diaper changed.  He'll start kicking like crazy and squeal the whole time!!  He thinks my singing is hilarious.  He can army crawl EVERYWHERE!  He does not like to be left alone.  He loves Cruz more than anyone on the planet.  And he is Haden's mini me.  We love this boy so much!! 

Parks's 6 month photos

I can't even find words to say how incredibly blessed I am to have my job.  I don't know how the stars aligned so perfectly that I would have a job that lets me chronicle every single moment of my children's lives.   Parks had his 6 month birthday while we were in Disneyland, so it was kind of overshadowed by that and Cruz's birthday.  But OH MY GOSH!!! These pictures. I just want to die at how cute he is!!  And, you could probably just pass me a fork and I'd eat him up.  I swear.
He DID NOT enjoy being naked :) but OH GOSH!!!! I will cherish this one for all time!!

Our First Disneyland Trip!!

WHERE DO I EVEN START?!?! Disneyland was so incredibly amazing.  I couldn't have wished it any better!!  I was scared, you guys. Two kids under two on our FIRST trip to Disneyland... Ugh I was stressin.  But, duh. Parks was an angel and Cruz was in heaven!! We had so so so much fun!!  My mom is the world's best Grandma.  And my brothers are the world's best uncles.  It would have been much more difficult without them.  We all had so much fun!! Cruz loved every second of it!!
The first thing we saw when we entered the park on our first day was MICKEY!!!!!
We knew we wanted to do some character dining, and I hadn't researched any of them beforehand, but we picked Minnie's Breakfast in the park and it was perfect!!!  The characters just walk up to your table and you take pictures and they play games with you!! Cruz loved it! The first person we saw was Captain Hook! And Cruz latched on to me and yelled "Mom!! It's HOOK!!!!"  haha he knows he's a bad guy ;) But he was in love with all the other characters! It was so much fun, I would recommend it to EVERYONE! 

and Parks was perfect, as always! 

He fell asleep on most rides! :)  

Cruz's FAVORITE ride was Mater's Junkyard Jamboree!! He LOVES Mater's Tall Tales on Netflix, and he was in heaven!

He loved the teacups, too!! He had a blast on everything.

and boy, does he love Chase and B!! 
We loved the train, too!! 

and he adores Haden!! They're best buds! 

 Hunter was the best. He took Cruz on everything while we were waiting for the big kids to go on California screaming and the Tower of Terror.  Cruz was in heaven. He loves hunter and always wants to be with him!

We love Cars land!! It is so crazy detailed!!

Too much excitement means excellent naps! 
We can't wait for our next Disney trip!! Cruz' birthday is the perfect time to go!!