Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Time Just FLIES!!

Really, where does the time go?  So much has happened in the past few months.  Parks turned one!! I can't even believe it - still!  We adore him beyond words.  He is the best thing.  His party was so much fun.  We had a huge inflatable slide - which all of the kids LOVED! And Parks didn't get out of the water the entire time - except for cake.  And, he's a fat kid - he loved it :)

Ammon and I started trying for baby number three when Parks was nine months old - the same age Cruz was when we tried to have Parks.  Two months later - BAM! Baby number three is on the way! We're so happy.  I love being pregnant.  Really. I love it.  I would do it all day every day forever.  I've never been as exhausted in my life.  I remember being tired with Parks, but this is on a whole different level!  I wake up tired, I go to be tired, I'm tired all day.  AND I sleep ALL NIGHT!  I'm just wiped.  It's probably from chasing around two very active boys and trying to cook another child.  I'll take it though! I love it!  It will be super fun to see what it is - Cruz and Parks's pregnancies were so different, I'm not suspecting anything at this point.  In fact, I'd run to Vegas right now and put money down that it's another boy - which I'd be thrilled with.  I would probably faint if it was a girl.  haha we will see right after Halloween!  If you haven't seen our announcement video on Facebook - go watch it.  My kids are so cute - I couldn't be happier to have another one!