Sunday, March 1, 2015

How Did This Happen?!

How am I 34 weeks already? Don't get me wrong.. I feel like I've been pregnant for 2 years.  But I haven't kept up on this pregnancy at all!! It's been totally different from my last two - I've said it before, but I will never figure out this pregnant thing!

1- Baby Girl is ACTIVE!!  The boys were moderately active in the womb... baby girl is like them on speed.  She kicks all day and all night.  She is always moving around and I can definitely tell when she's sleeping.  It's been fun to have a wiggle worm inside! I always slightly worried about the boys and their movements... not this time!

2- She's petite.  I've had to start going to the Doctor once a week for NSTs and I have an ultrasound two weeks ago. She was measuring quite small!! Just under the 20th percentile.  I don't think it's anything to worry about, but I just picture her being born this teeny tiny little thing! I can't wait to meet her.

3-  She's bald... I'm not happy about that.  At my 32 week ultrasound with BOTH of the boys I could see their hair - flowing lusciously in the fake wind of my uterus.  Baby girl has a smidgen of peach fuzz and that's it!! What the heck universe?! My daughter... come on! She needs some hair!!  I'm especially peeved because my heartburn has never been worse.

4-  The boys are driving me crazy.  I remember feeling like this with Cruz when I was super pregnant with Parks.  The BUG!!! haha I'm not a very good mom when I'm pregnant!  I get flustered incredibly easy.  And the boys seem to fight a lot more these days, which drains my patience levels in a snap!!  I know once she's born, it will get better!  I think they can sense that I'm pregnant and it makes them act up ;)

This year has already flown by - like how is it March? I'm having her next month!! I always felt like my due date was SOOOOOOOOO far away - and now it's just around the corner.  I don't have a single thing ready for her.  Not one thing! I have some clothes that I bought like 5 months ago... haha that is it! I have a baby shower this week (I have the best friends and family)... and after that I'm down to 6 weeks until my due date!! It's insane - I just want to meet her already!!  I know she'll be beautiful and perfect - even if she is bald ;)