Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Oh, baby baby

Tomorrow we find out the genders of the twins!! Then... it will be real.  There will be two boys, two girls, or a girl and boy in there! Not just "the twins" or "the babies".

Deep breaths.

I'm beyond excited to find out what the little things are!! Then I can start to dwindle our savings buying all the stuff I want for them!!

I have had numerous dreams that we're having two girls.  And so many people tell me they think it's two girls.


It's going to be two boys ;)

Because.  Let's be honest.  The chances of a Bradshaw/Frei couple having, first of all, TWINS  and having them both be girls... that's like lighting striking twice!!  *which happened to my grandpa Frei... so don't count those twin girls out just yet!*

Cruz things they are two girls.

Parks thinks they are two girls... and a minion and a pirate.

Blair thinks they are gink and gink ;)

We'll find out tomorrow!!


So far, this pregnancy has been most similar to Blair's.  But, I think all bets are off when you're having twins.  Cruz - I was sicker than a dog.  Parks - didn't have on single sick day his whole pregnancy.  Blair - somewhere in the middle...  The twins are somewhere in the middle, too.  It could just be that I'm older, this is my fourth pregnancy, or my body has finally adapted to pregnancy hormones?  Who knows.  I'll never figure out being pregnant. It's always a different experience!

So, my dreams say two girls.  My brain says two boys.

We'll find out tomorrow!!!!!!!! CAN'T WAIT!